Fury Extinguishes Inferno’s Fire

North Miami, FL- The Fury opened the game against the Tampa Bay Inferno on June 8 seeking to make history in the Women’s Football Alliance as they sought to become the first team to go 0-8 in one year and 8-0 the next. The Fury would take the opening kickoff and establish its dominance in the game as they capped off the drive with a 29 yard touchdown pass from Keondra Greer to Stacy Dwyer. Ronkia Toombs would convert on the two point conversion making it an 8-0 game. The Fury’s defense, which is currently ranked as the #4 defense in the league would stifle the Inferno. The Fury and Inferno would exchange possessions and then the Fury would score on a 50 yard touchdown run by Ronkia Toombs. The Fury would lead 14-0. The Inferno would take the second half kickoff, however on their first play of the series they would be intercepted. The Fury would capitalize on the turnover with a 38 yard run for a touchdown by Keondra Greer, then Flipper would score for the 2 point conversion making the score 22-0. The Inferno looked like they would put up some points as they attempted a field goal. However their attempt sailed wide left. Then Stacy Dwyer would return an interception for 46 yards for a touchdown capping the scoring for the Fury, giving them a 28-0 victory. The Fury made league history as it extinguished the Inferno’s Fire and became the first team to go 0-8 one year and 8-0 the next.

      The Fury now advance to the playoffs and will attempt to take a bite out of the Savannah Sabers on June 15, 2013 at North Miami Athletic Stadium (same entrance as FIU – Biscayne Bay Campus) at 7 p.m.

By Jonathan JDOGG Lederman- The Voice of the Miami Fury

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